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Lip Filler
in Franklin, TN

Subtle Enhancement,Stunning Confidence

While Lip Fillers have become an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure, some may shy away from the treatment because they are concerned about looking unnatural or overdone. While pillow lips may be the goal for some, they are not the only way to beautifully enhance the lips for an overall improved aesthetic.

Lip Fillers at Franklin Skin and Laser

At Franklin Skin and Laser in Franklin, TN, Lip Filler treatment is offered with our philosophy in mind: natural results that are not overdone or unnatural. Our goal is to enhance your natural features without it ever looking like you had work done. Led by medical director Dr. Steven Bengelsdorf, our entire team is passionate about stellar aesthetic results and the highest level of patient care.

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers are an injectable dermal filler treatment used to enhance the volume, definition, shape, and balance of the lips. Unlike neuromodulators, which relax muscles to reduce wrinkles, dermal fillers add volume to the lips, providing a fuller and more youthful appearance. These fillers are typically made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body and can be customized to achieve natural-looking results.

The RHA Collection

The RHA Collection is specifically designed to mimic the natural movement and appearance of facial tissue and is incredibly resilient and durable in order to hold up to constant mouth movement. This collection includes RHA 2, which is specifically formulated for lip enhancement, providing subtle yet noticeable results. Additionally, Redensity is used for lip hydration, “smoker’s lines” and improving lip texture and overall appearance.


Juvéderm is a popular family of hyaluronic acid fillers known for their smooth consistency and long-lasting results. At Franklin, we use Juvéderm ULTRA and VOLBELLA to meet various lip enhancement needs. Juvéderm fillers provide flexible, natural-looking results that can last for several months.

Lip Filler Franklin, TN

Benefits ofLip Filler

Even as early as our 20s, the lips begin to lose volume and may become gradually thinner or less hydrated. Lip Filler treatment can restore youthful suppleness and confidence. Our Franklin, TN, Lip Filler patients can see and love:

  • Increased lip volume and definition
  • Enhanced lip symmetry
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Improved overall lip texture and appearance
  • Customizable results tailored to individual preferences
  • Minimal downtime and quick recovery compared to surgical options

Am I a candidate for Lip Filler?

Ideal candidates for Lip Filler treatment are patients seeking to enhance the size, shape, or symmetry of their lips. Ideal candidates are those who are in overall good health and have realistic expectations about the results. If you have a history of fever blisters or cold sores, you will want to pretreat with an antiviral like Valtrex, which your provider can write a prescription for. You may need to postpone Lip Filler treatment if you have rashes, skin conditions, or active acne in or near the treatment area.

Consultation and Preparation

Your consultation will be completely personalized, and we will provide a comprehensive treatment plan. To help with faster, more comfortable healing, we can provide a compounded physician's blend of arnica to start taking 48 hours prior to treatment and again after. In addition, we'll instruct you to avoid alcohol for 24 hours before treatment, smoking for at least a week, and for two weeks, stay away from blood thinning medication and supplements. Following these guidelines will help to minimize swelling and bruising during recovery.

Lip Filler Franklin, TN

Your Lip Filler

To ensure optimal comfort, and since the lips are a sensitive area, topical numbing cream prior to treatment is available upon request. Your Lip Fillers will be injected using very fine medical-grade needles, and appointments typically take about 20 to 30 minutes.

Results, Recovery,
and Aftercare

After lip injections, swelling is common, and understanding the typical recovery process is important in order to know what to expect. While there isn't a set downtime, it's recommended to steer clear of extended sun exposure and intense physical activity for the initial 24 hours. Although immediate results are noticeable, the best outcomes typically show up within a couple of weeks.

Why choose Franklin Skin and Laser?

The aesthetic medical professionals at Franklin Skin and Laser are all deeply committed to providing personalized treatment options and stellar patient care. Our board-certified medical director, plastic surgeon Steven Bengelsdorf, M.D., F.A.C.S., has over 25 years of experience and works meticulously to ensure that each treatment we offer is performed to the highest standards of safety for the most optimal results.

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Lip Filler Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lip Filler painful?

Lip Filler treatments may cause mild discomfort or a slight stinging sensation during the procedure, but most patients tolerate it well. Lips fillers contain lidocaine for increased comfort.

Is Lip Filler safe? What are the risks?

Lip Filler injections are considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced professional. However, with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects, including bruising, swelling, redness, and allergic reactions.

Is Lip Filler permanent?

Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers are not permanent and typically last for several months to a year, depending on the type of filler used and other individual factors.

How long should I wait to eat or drink after having my lips filled?

While there is no set time frame, you will want to wait until any numbness has worn off prior to eating or drinking, which may take a few hours.

How much does Lip Filler cost?

The cost of Lip Fillers varies depending on the type of filler used and each individual treatment plan.

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