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Dermaplaning in Franklin, TN

Exfoliate Your Skin And Remove Fine Hair

Rumor has it that some of the most radiantly beautiful women of Hollywood (Elizabeth . . . Marilyn . . .) shaved their faces.

Most women tend to fear the idea of shaving highly visible areas on the body. They have been inundated with messages that perpetuate the myth that hair grows back thicker on shaved areas. Dermaplaning breaks through that myth, providing men and women with a wonderful and unique way to exfoliate the skin.

The safe, effective dermaplaning procedure has been performed for more than twenty years. As an exfoliating treatment, this process leaves the skin looking radiant and feeling ultra-smooth. A comfortable, non-invasive treatment, dermaplaning involves the manual scraping of the skin using precision technique and a specific instrument. The procedure is performed by one of our specifically trained staff. The gentle removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface is incredibly efficient and causes no post-treatment redness or swelling. In fact, there is no recovery time at all needed after dermaplaning in our Franklin, TN aesthetic center, only immediate, beautiful results.

Why would dermaplaning be associated in any way with shaving the face? In addition to removing cells, dermaplaning is also known for the removal of the baby-fine hair that naturally exists on the face. The removal of this hair achieves a number of benefits. Immediately after treatment, the skin looks smooth and supple, revealing a healthy glow. Due to the removal of fine hair and cells that protect the skin from external elements, with dermaplaning Franklin patients improve the efficiency of their skin care products and facilitates the achievement of skin care goals. Is dermaplaning the same thing as shaving? No. This very precise professional procedure is very different from personal grooming with a disposable razor. The difference in the skin is felt and seen right away and the degree of improvement is remarkable.

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Dermaplaning Franklin, TN

Confident In Your Appearance

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Dermaplaning treatment is very simple. After the uppermost layer of skin cells is gently removed, we apply clinical solutions designed for your skin type and concerns. When you leave our office, you will not only look refreshed but you will feel incredibly relaxed and confident in your appearance. See why some of the most recognized celebrities are raving about dermaplaning procedures.

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