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Birthmark Removal
in Franklin, TN

Remove Or Reduce A Visible, Bothersome Birthmark

Birthmarks can be a major source of embarrassment
for adults as well as children.

Being able to remove or reduce a visible, bothersome birthmark can transform someone’s life and restore their self-esteem. Our board-certified surgeon has years of expertise treating vascular and pigmented birthmarks without patients having to undergo surgery. If you are looking to bring back your confidence, laser revision may be right for you.

Transform Someone’S Life

Restore Their Self-Esteem

Birthmarks are common growths or lesions that appear on your skin at birth or soon after. They can appear anywhere on your face, scalp, or body and can vary in color, size, appearance, and shape. Some birthmarks can be flesh-colored but may have a different texture than the rest of your skin.

Many birthmarks are harmless and require no treatment at all. They often fade as a child grows and develops and pose no major health risk. Other birthmarks may grow rapidly. Without medical treatment, they can become large, permanent areas of discoloration that may affect deep layers of skin. If a birthmark is in a visible location, parents may choose to start laser therapy while the child is a minor.

There are two different types of birthmarks that can be treated in our office:

  • Vascular: from blood vessels
  • Pigmented: from cells that control skin color

Before laser technology, birthmarks were often excised using a scalpel or sanded down by dermabrasion. Now, thanks to advanced technology, lasers are more effective, less invasive, and less painful when it comes to the methods of birthmark removal Franklin area residents have available to them.

Treatable Birthmarks

Port-Wine Stains

  • Pink-red at birth and darken to a red-purple color over time
  • Caused by blood vessels that do not develop normally
  • Sizes range from small to large
  • Can be textured and bumpy
  • Commonly found on the face but can occur anywhere on the body
  • Port-wine stains do not fade or go away on their own

Café-au-Lait Spots

  • Ranges in color from a light to medium brown, which is how they got their name, “coffee with milk” in French
  • Smooth and normally flat
  • Usually round or oval in shape
  • Commonly found on the torso, buttocks, and legs
  • May grow and darken with age


  • Typically present as bright or deep red
  • Can be flat to the skin, raised, or protrude out as a nodule
  • Clumps of immature blood vessels
  • May present at birth of after several weeks
  • Vary in size from a few millimeters to a few centimeters in diameter
  • Often occur on the head, neck, trunk or extremities

Strawberry Hemangiomas

  • Present as red and purple in color
  • Often raised with sharp borders
  • Commonly occur on the face, scalp, back or chest
  • Usually develop a few weeks after birth
  • Rapid growth during the first year but typically disappear around age 9

Nevus of Ota

  • Present as blue, grey, or brownish patches of pigment
  • May form at birth or during adolescence
  • Commonly located in the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, temples, zygomatic region, and forehead
  • May darken and change color over time due to age and hormonal changes

Congenital Melanocytic Nevi

  • Usually brown in color
  • May be flat, raised, or bumpy
  • Can appear anywhere on the body
  • Size varies from a pinhead to a few inches
  • Most are not dangerous but it’s important to look for changes as you age

Salmon Patches, also known as angel kisses or stork bites

  • Present as small, pink or rose colored, flat marks
  • Commonly appear on the back of the neck, between the eyes, on the forehead, nose, upper lip or eyelids
  • Some may fade over time based on location of the birthmark
  • Patches can darken in color when a child is crying or experiencing temperature changes

Real Patient Results

Photo Port Wine stain before Photo Port Wine stain after
Birthmark Removal Franklin, TN  Franklin
Photo Port Wine stain before Photo Port Wine stain after

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No matter your age, skin type or tone, our office may have a solution for your Franklin birthmark reduction needs. Dr. Steven Bengelsdorf has the training, experience, and equipment to perform a range of laser reduction treatments without having to perform painful, invasive surgery.

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Birthmark Removal Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Treatment is Available?

Advances in laser therapy have made it possible to significantly diminish mild to severe birthmarks. We have a variety of lasers that can reduce the appearance of both large and small birthmarks on nearly any area of the body. During your initial consultation, our board-certified physician can help you address your concerns, customize a treatment plan tailored to your individual birthmark and help you uncover clear, even toned skin.

How Does Laser Therapy Work For Birthmarks?

Lasers produce short, pure, intense bursts of one-colored light that passes through the top layers of skin to destroy the unwanted pigment. For pigmented birthmarks, some pigment comes off in the crust that forms after treatment, some is absorbed back into the skin, and a small amount remains invisible in the skin. For vascular birthmarks, lasers cause the blood vessel to be clotted, sealed off, destroyed, and absorbed by the body.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Treatment times range based off the size, number, and complexity of the birthmark(s). For smaller, simple cases, treatments can be completed in as little as 20 minutes, where larger, more complicated birthmarks may take up to 60 minutes.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Several treatment sessions are often required to lighten birthmarks that are large or darker in color. For less complex cases, patients may see results after one or two treatments. We recommend scheduling treatments every six to ten weeks depending on how the skin heals and reacts between each treatment. Patients may even need yearly treatments after a series of initial treatments to maintain results.

Are Children Able To Be Treated?

Franklin Skin and Laser can safely and effectively treat patients of all ages including minors with parental consent. Dr. Bengelsdorf’s gentle bedside manner and expertise in aesthetic medicine has created a comfortable clinical environment for infants, children, teens and adults.

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