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Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN

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Franklin Skin and Laser

Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN
Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN

Your Look. Our Expertise.

Welcome to Franklin Skin and Laser

Franklin Skin and Laser, near Cool Springs, is a physician-run practice specializing in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic surgery.

We prioritize your aesthetic and skin care needs, crafting personalized programs to achieve high-quality, natural-looking results. Our team, including registered nurses and licensed clinical aestheticians, is personally trained and supervised by Dr. Steven Bengelsdorf, a board-certified physician, and surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the operating room. Trust in our expertise and dedication to bring out your best appearance.

Offering the Latest Technologies
To Enhance Your Natural Beauty Franklin, Tennessee

A Complete Solution for
All of Your Aesthetic Needs

The Franklin Skin and Laser Medical Aesthetics Philosophy

Franklin Skin and Laser excels in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic surgery.

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Our team combines various cutting-edge modalities, from skin care products to microdermabrasion, chemical peels, injectables, laser, and minimally invasive surgical techniques, achieving superior results. What sets us apart is our unmatched technology and experience. At Franklin Skin and Laser, clients experience excellent results, reduced downtime, and exceptional professionalism, underlined by superior customer service.


Laser Hair Removal Mole Removal CoolSculpting Botox Morpheus8 Emsculpt NEO

Healthy, Radiant Skin

Slim Down. Tone Up.

Embrace Youth


Contours of Confidence

Laser Hair Removal in Franklin, TN

Our state-of-the-art technology targets unwanted hair with precision, delivering long-lasting results. Say goodbye to razors, waxing, and plucking as our skilled professionals ensure a comfortable and efficient treatment. Unleash your confidence and enjoy a hair-free life with our safe and effective Laser Hair Removal procedures.

Franklin Mole Removal in Franklin, TN

Our expert team employs advanced techniques to safely and effectively remove bothersome moles. Embrace a flawless complexion as we address moles with precision and care, ensuring minimal scarring. Trust in our expertise to help you achieve smooth and radiant skin, leaving you feeling confident and healthy.

CoolSculpting in Franklin, TN

This revolutionary non-invasive treatment targets stubborn fat, helping you achieve the contours you desire. Our advanced technology freezes and eliminates fat cells for natural-looking results. Experience the convenience of a quick, comfortable procedure with no downtime required. Transform your body and boost your confidence with CoolSculpting, the cutting-edge solution to achieving a slimmer and more toned appearance.

Botox in Franklin, TN

Our expert injectors use this FDA-approved treatment to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, creating a natural and rejuvenated look. With precision and skill, we target specific facial areas, providing a more relaxed and youthful appearance. Experience the convenience of a quick, virtually painless procedure that requires no downtime. Unlock the secret to a more confident and age-defying you with Botox, the trusted and proven solution for facial rejuvenation.

Morpheus8 in Franklin, TN

This state-of-the-art technology combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to revitalize your skin from within. Targeting deep layers, Morpheus8 stimulates collagen production, improving texture and reducing wrinkles and scars. Enjoy a more youthful and radiant complexion with minimal downtime. Our skilled professionals customize each treatment to suit your unique needs, ensuring outstanding and long-lasting results. Reveal a firmer and more rejuvenated appearance with Morpheus8, the advanced solution to turn back the hands of time.

Emsculpt NEO in Franklin, TN

This cutting-edge technology combines muscle toning and fat reduction in a single non-invasive procedure. Utilizing radiofrequency and electromagnetic energies, Emsculpt NEO effectively builds muscle and targets stubborn fat in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms. Experience noticeable improvements in muscle definition and a more sculpted physique. With no downtime required, this quick and comfortable treatment is the ideal solution for achieving your desired body goals. Reclaim confidence in your appearance with Emsculpt NEO, the revolutionary advancement in body contouring and muscle enhancement.

Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN Medspa Franklin, TN

Real Results
Real Clients

Our gallery

Our extensive collection of before and after photos will give you an inside look at how single and multi-modality treatments can enhance your most natural features.

Photos in our online gallery are actual clients of our practice who have provided consent to display their pictures online.

Grade Skincare

As a service-based clinic, we believe that medical-grade skincare compliments our menu of services offered but does not replace the treatments we perform daily. We have carefully tested and selected “hero products” from reputable pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical lines that target specific concerns and conditions with prescription-strength ingredients.

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Thread Lifts in Franklin

Dr. Bengelsdorf is a leading expert in thread lifts, with specialized skills and extensive training.

He has a proven track record of successfully revising cases that other doctors were unable to handle. With his innovative procedures, he is committed to achieving exceptional and natural results. Whether you're looking for a subtle lift or a more pronounced rejuvenation, Dr. Bengelsdorf's expertise in thread lifts will help you achieve your aesthetic goals with confidence and precision. Join the countless success stories of individuals who have embraced a more youthful and revitalized appearance by trusting in his unparalleled skills.

A Clean Slate

Tattoo Removal in Franklin, TN

At Franklin Skin and Laser, we understand that removing a tattoo can be a deeply personal decision. Our advanced technology and expertise allow us to offer exceptional results without compromising safety or comfort.

But we also know that our community is important, which is why we proudly support Bridges Domestic Violence Center. By contributing a portion of our proceeds, including those from tattoo removal services, we can help fund their invaluable work and make a difference in the lives of those affected by domestic violence. In addition, we are deeply passionate about making a positive impact on society through our involvement in the New Beginnings program. Our ultimate goal is to provide tattoo removal services to assist inmates on their journey toward a fresh start, boosting their confidence and helping them move forward.

Medspa Franklin, TN
Medspa Franklin, TN

“Overall amazing place and staff.”

Word Of Mouth

“I have had the best experience at Franklin Skin and Laser. I purchased the bikini laser hair removal package, and Christina has been wonderful! So kind, professional, and amazing at what she does! The difference from start to finish has been night and day! They are also very accommodating with busy schedules. I'm so pleased with my results and would recommend FS&L to anyone looking to permanently remove unwanted hair.”

— Jenn M., Laser Hair Removal, Franklin, TN

Love this place. Kind and lovely staff who genuinely care for clients. Great rewards programs that can add up to savings on treatments. Very excited to start my journey here. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for any aesthetic/cosmetic goals. Wide range of products and treatments!

- Olivia G.

I absolutely love this place! They are true professionals in each and every way. From the front desk to the procedure rooms you can be assured you are in good hands. All of the providers are thoroughly trained in the modalities before they are able to work on patients. The staff all work together very well, which creates such a welcoming environment. They will never push you into anything. Their approach is conservative in the best of ways. No duck lips here! You will have a very natural and beautiful result if you do fillers or botox (or anything else).

- J.S.

Have been a client now for over 10 years. I trust them, they always have a good staff, great customer service. Don't hesitate to book an appointment, you will be pleased with the outcome.

- Dana G.

I can not say enough great things about Franklin Skin and Laser. From the moment you walk into the beautifully decorated office, you immediately feel welcomed by the front desk staff. Everyone is warm and welcoming.

- Amy K.

Such a great place. Everyone is so kind and intent on providing the best care and service. They really work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere with top notch care.

- Lisa R.


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Experience the artistry of aesthetic innovation at Franklin Skin and Laser. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to helping you unlock your true beauty and embrace your confidence like never before. Whether you seek flawless skin, sculpted contours, or the removal of unwanted tattoos, we are here to exceed your expectations. Take the first step today and schedule a consultation with our experts. Let us craft a personalized plan tailored to your unique needs, so you can embark on a path to radiance. Contact us now to rewrite your beauty story with Franklin Skin and Laser.