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PCA Peels
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Chemical Exfoliation for Brighter, Ageless Skin

PCA SKIN Chemical Peels at Franklin Skin and Laser

At Franklin Skin and Laser, our professional line of PCA SKIN peels is one of our best-kept secrets to a flawless face. We offer this advanced chemical peel system to clients interested in reclaiming a youthful, glowing complexion, including those with sensitive skin and darker skin tones.

Introducing a Revolutionary Chemical Peel LineApproved For All Skin Types

What is a PCA Peel?

Developed by PCA SKIN, the PCA peel is an innovative line of chemical exfoliants designed to zero in on specific skin concerns while keeping the patient's skin type and tolerance for downtime in mind. PCA peels are essentially an upgraded Jessner's peel. Dermatologist-approved chemical exfoliants lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol get an added boost from skin-friendly ingredients to gently resurface the skin, dissolve dead cells, and tackle concerns such as acne, rosacea, wrinkles, melasma, sun spots, laxity, and dullness.

These professional chemical peel solutions are sold exclusively to PCA SKIN Certified Professionals trained to perform the peel correctly. We at Franklin Skin and Laser are thrilled to offer PCA peels in Franklin to patients interested in rapid skin rejuvenation with more consistent and predictable results than standard chemical peels.

Pigment Correct Peel

This glow-inducing peel delivers up to a 17 percent reduction in all types of hyperpigmentation, including sun damage and age spots, in one treatment with no downtime.

Sensi Peel

Sensitive skin types, rejoice! This gentle chemical peel for all skin tones improves texture and brightness with 12 percent lactic acid and 6 percent TCA.

Ultra Peel

Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots are no match for Ultra Peel, which contains a higher concentration of lactic and trichloroacetic acids to revitalize aged skin dramatically.

PCA Peels Franklin, TN

Top Reasons to Consider aPCA Peel

What are the benefits of a PCA Peel?

PCA peels make it easy and convenient for all skin types to combat sun damage, wrinkles, melasma, acne, dullness, and textural issues. These peels are lightning-fast to perform and deliver outstanding results, often at a more affordable price than laser therapy. Best of all, we personalize the peel to your unique concerns and skin type, ensuring a customized outcome and allowing you to put your best face forward.

Is it a match for me?

Am I a candidate for a PCA Peel?

If you ever dreamt of waking up to flawless skin, our PCA peel could be a great fit. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, compromised skin health, and medical issues may factor into whether you can safely receive a PCA peel.

Take the First Step Toward Radiant, Fresh Skin

Consultation and Preparation

The process starts by sitting down with one of our licensed aestheticians to review your skin concerns and goals. We will analyze your skin type to determine the best PCA SKIN peel for your needs. Before your chemical peel, please avoid retinols, AHAs, tanning, shaving, waxing, and other potential skin irritants for up to four weeks.

What to Expect During aPCA Peel

The PCA Peel Procedure

Applying a peel takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Your aesthetician will cleanse your skin and apply the solution with a spatula or brush. Unlike conventional chemical peels, PCA peels are self-neutralizing; Simply return home and rinse your face the next morning.

ResultsWorth the Hype

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Downtime after a PCA peel is minimal. The greater the peel strength, the more peeling you can expect. Results can appear immediately or unfold over the next seven to ten days, depending on the type of peel. Highly concentrated peels can cause some redness and sheeting, while lower-strength peels may deliver faster results without flaking at all. Please avoid makeup, sun, and aggressive skincare products until your aesthetician clears you to resume use.

PCA Peels Franklin, TN

Why choose Franklin Skin and Laser?

Franklin, TN, PCA Peel

We at Franklin Skin and Laser have earned a coveted reputation as a top medical spa in Williamson County after receiving hundreds of five-star reviews. Our mission is to help you look and feel your best. We make aesthetic treatments accessible, offering Specials and rewards programs so you can maximize your skin health throughout the years.

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PCA Peel Frequently Asked Questions

Does a PCA Peel hurt?

These peels are generally tolerable. Most patients describe it as tingling, tickling, or a mild sunburn.

What are the risks associated with a PCA Peel?

PCA peels can be risky when performed by anyone but a highly trained aesthetic specialist. Our licensed aestheticians and nurses are trained and overseen by a board-certified medical director for this very reason. Complications such as pigmentation changes, infection, scarring, and burns are more likely in the hands of an inexperienced provider. Never attempt a PCA peel at home.

How long do the results of a PCA Peel last?

A PCA peel delivers lasting improvements, allowing our patients to go one to four months between maintenance visits.

Will a PCA Peel work with my skin type?

We can customize your Franklin PCA peel to your skin type and concerns. Most Fitzpatrick Skin Types are suitable for this type of peel.

How much does a PCA Peel cost?

Call our Franklin med spa today to arrange your private consultation and receive a price quote. The cost of a PCA peel depends on the type, the number of sessions, and whether your peel accompanies other services.

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