Laser Tattoo Removal Franklin, Tennessee

Have you ever looked at your tattoo and asked yourself, “What was I thinking?”

Using advanced technology, Franklin Skin and Laser’s highly trained staff under the direction of Dr. Bengelsdorf, can safely, comfortably, and effectively remove tattoos you no longer want.

Removing a tattoo with laser technology in Franklin TN

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery has deemed the preferred laser tattoo removal treatment. The technologies more easily remove stubborn colors and minimize scars and lingering soreness.

The power of Light

Franklin Skin and Laser utilizes the latest technology in tattoo removal. A beam of light of a specific wavelength selectively targets different colors of ink pigment. The heat generated from this type of energy shatters particles in the ink, and your body safely absorbs “leftovers” of the tattoo.

The laser tattoo removal process is a gradual process that takes a series of treatments. Generally, black ink is quicker to remove than pastels or bold colors. Each color absorbs a given wavelength differently. The volumeand quality of ink used by your tattoo artist also matters, as does the tattoo’s age and depth. The doctor and his staff will consider these factors when determining the number of sessions to fade or eliminate unwanted body art.

Tattoo removal the professional way

“Traditional” methods of tattoo removal have been associated with damage to surrounding skin. With Dr. Bengelsdorf’s quality, advanced lasers tailored to your needs.

Many clients experience only a little more than the sensation of a rubber band being snapped against the skin as the laser light is directed precisely to the treatment area. You may wish to use healing ointments or cooling packs for comfort after each session. 

Real Patient Results

Tattoo Removal graphic


The doctor will tailor a laser tattoo results treatment plan to the features of your tattoo and skin.