Dermatologic Procedures

Acne and Rosacea

Because each person is unique and there are many ways to treat acne and acne rosacea, it is important that patients choose a facility that has treatment options. There are multiple types of acne, and our office can provide multiple methods of treatment given that acne is not a one size fits all.

Lesion, Skintag, & Mole Removal

If you have a mole, lesion, or skintag that you find bothersome, or interferes with your day-to-day habits (shaving, wearing jewelry, applying makeup), or simply find it unattractive, Dr. Steven Bengelsdorf has a solution for you. We offer multiple methods of removal all with the end goal of giving you the most cosmetically pleasing result without a scar or major downtime. 

Venous Lake Removal

Wondering about a dark blue or purple dome shaped lesion on your lip? A venous lake can appear on anyone and can be unsightly and irritating. The lesion usually affects sun-exposed areas of skin, like the lip or ear. They are usually painless but if you are bothered by the appearance of them, our office has a quick solution for you. 

Birthmark Removal

Birthmarks can be a major source of embarrassment for adults and children. Being able to remove a visible, bothersome birthmark can transform someone’s life and restore their self-esteem. We have years of expertise treating vascular and pigmented birthmarks without clients having to undergo surgery. If you are looking to bring back your confidence, laser revision may be right for you.

Cyst and Lipoma Removal

The presence of a lump or bump on the face or body is never a fun surprise! While cysts and lipomas generally have no major cause for concern, patients may be bothered by their unsightly appearance, interference with day-to-day activities or discomfort being caused. If you have a bump that you find bothersome, restricts your daily habits or is simply unattractive, Dr. Steven Bengelsdorf can help today!

Keloid and Scar Revision

Several types of injuries may lead to scars on the skin. Due to the unique nature of individual scars and of different people’s skin, the way in which a scar is treated will vary from one person to another. In some instances, it is possible to remove scar tissue completely. In others, revision can significantly reduce the appearance of a scar. Dr. Bengelsdorf has the extensive training and experience you can count on to effectively treat scars.