Why trust your hair removal needs to The Franklin Center for Skin & Laser Surgery?

The Franklin Center for Skin & Laser Surgery is extremely confident in the efficacy of our lasers and the expertise of our clinicians. We have new, gold standard equipment.

Most consumers do not realize that all lasers and laser technicians are not created equally. In untrained and inexperienced hands, Laser Hair Removal can cause burns and permanent scarring. Technicians need to be extensively trained on the correct settings to produce the safest, quickest, and most effective results. Our physician, Dr. Bengelsdorf, individually trains all of our laser clinicians and personally reviews every client’s treatment plan. Having a physician-run clinic is that extra peace of mind that adds to a client’s feeling of safety and comfort.

One thing that sets The Franklin Center for Skin & Laser Surgery apart from other clinics is that we’re not a franchise. A lot of franchise clinics have a corporate giant dictating their fee schedules. Because we are privately owned, we make our own pricing and are able to stay very competitive.

The Franklin Center for Skin & Laser Surgery has been established for over five years and continues to grow and remain a valued business in Franklin and the greater Cool Springs area.

The equipment we use for Laser Hair Removal was showcased on “The Doctors”: