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What to Expect After a Mole Removal Procedure

What to Expect After a Mole Removal Procedure | Franklin Skin and Laser

Do you have an upcoming appointment for a laser mole removal? Most moles are generally harmless, but if you feel it affects your quality of life, we may discuss removing yours at your consultation. 

And while mole removal is a routine procedure, many people would like more clarity about what’s involved and what they can expect after their visit. Here’s an in-depth look into what patients should know about their mole removal procedure at Franklin Skin and Laser.

Why People Get a Mole Removed

Moles are a very common lesion, with most people having at least one mole on their skin. These lesions are usually benign (non-cancerous), but some people may choose to remove their mole because they find it bothersome. 

If you’re concerned your mole could be cancerous, consult a dermatologist or primary care physician. They can determine whether your mole is benign and the next best course of action.

The procedure is simple for those who want their mole removed for aesthetic reasons, and those who schedule their appointments with us are extremely happy with their results. Some moles also make doing specific tasks like shaving or applying makeup more frustrating, and removing them can improve your quality of life. Regardless of why you’d like to remove your mole, a specialist who knows how to do it safely should be the only one to perform your procedure.  

How a Provider Removes a Mole

We can remove a mole in many ways at Franklin Skin and Laser. Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages that we’ll go over during your assessment. During the consultation, we will consider aspects of your life to help you decide which is right in your situation. 

Understanding what the differences are can help you prepare more for your aftercare. The methods we offer for skin mole removal include the following:

  • Excision
  • Laser
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Punch biopsy
  • Minimally invasive surgery

These removal methods are a fast and easy way to have smoother, more even skin. You should also feel minimal pain or discomfort during your procedure. We’re very conscious of your comfort and will take every measure to ensure you always feel okay. 

Discomfort levels will vary depending on which part of the body is receiving treatment, but our advanced technology accounts for this, so you get the most comfortable experience possible. You can get more specific information about each option at your consultation with us.

Post Mole Removal Treatment Care at Home

Once we finish removing your mole and stitching up the wound, we’ll apply petroleum jelly to provide a barrier for the wound and double up the protection with a bandage. You should keep the area moist at home by using the jelly or another recommended over-the-counter-ointment, and remember to ensure the area stays clean. 

Keeping the area covered is wise to help facilitate cleanliness and retain moisture after applying the petroleum jelly. We’ll also discuss any specific instructions with you after your procedure to help you feel more confident going into the healing process.

Fortunately, mole removal is an outpatient procedure, so you can return to your typical schedule right away as long as your daily routine allows you to keep the area covered and protected. And there’s not much more to your aftercare than tending to the wound until it heals. 

The average recovery period for skin mole removals is around four weeks. If you have specific questions about your aftercare, we always welcome them, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Things to Avoid After Your Mole Removal

While aftercare for mole removal is relatively simple, it is still considered minor surgery. Because of this, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid after we finish your mole removal. 

One of the most obvious activities to avoid is shaving at or near the site of your wound. You should also avoid using skin cleansers that could contain potential irritants. The skin surrounding the wound will be sensitive and tender; using harsh cleansers on this area could exacerbate those feelings and hinder your healing progress. 

And while it’s good to keep the skin slightly moist while it heals, you should avoid exposing the wound to water for a prolonged period.

Is There Potential for Scarring After Laser Mole Removal?

Many mole removal procedures can cause scarring that may worry those getting their mole removed for cosmetic purposes. But the specific procedure we employ determines the healing time for the wound and how prominent the scar could be. 

Laser mole removal may not always be scar-free, but removals done by a professional make scarring less noticeable. We’ll discuss which method works best for you at your consultation, so make sure to mention if scarring is your primary concern. We can use this feedback to tailor our services better for you.

How your wound heals and scars up will vary depending on your collagen production and where it is on the body. You should notice the wound change into scar tissue around two to four weeks after your mole removal procedure. You may also notice the skin rise slightly and become red for one to two months. 

The mole removal scar will slowly smooth out over time; moisturizing the skin regularly can help reduce the appearance of your laser mole removal scar.

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