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What is Z Wave Used for?

What is Z Wave Used for?

The visible signs of aging can be found in almost every area of your body. From loose skin on the neck to cellulite on the thighs, the natural aging process changes the elasticity of the skin and can make us look much older than we feel. Fortunately, treating visible signs of aging on the body is easy with the right advanced technology treatments. At Franklin Skin and Laser in Franklin, TN we believe that Z Wave is an ideal body contouring treatment for most people.

Z Wave is a revolutionary treatment that uses radial shockwaves to increase metabolic activity through lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. This treatment significantly improves the tone and appearance of the skin with non-invasive advanced energy. Shockwave treatments are well-tolerated and will not harm the skin tissues. This treatment is also generally more comfortable than laser skin tightening and other thermal-based body contouring treatments.

What is Z Wave Used For?

Z Wave treatments are primarily used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve collagen formation in the sub-dermal layers of the skin to rejuvenate the firmness, elasticity, and overall appearance of the skin. In other words, this advanced treatment is your all-in-one body contouring solution. From reducing unwanted fat to smoothing the appearance of cellulite to tightening skin all over the body, this shockwave treatment is an effective option for most people.

This treatment can be used on most major areas of the body where unwanted fat and cellulite are known to develop. The most common treatment areas are the abdomen, upper arms, outer and inner thighs, and buttocks. While this treatment will not significantly reduce unwanted fat, it will smooth the shape of the body, tighten the skin, and help you feel slimmer overall.

How Does This Treatment Work?

The principle behind this treatment is very simple. The shockwaves emitted by this treatment device will penetrate the sub-dermal layers of the skin to break down tight fibrous bands and cellulite. When the cellulite is broken down, the body will remove these fat cells through ordinary metabolic processes. The shockwaves in this treatment will also increase blood circulation and the production of new collagen cells beneath the skin to further support the structure and appearance of the skin.

What is Treatment Like?

This is a very comfortable non-invasive treatment. Most clients compare this treatment to a relaxing massage. When the shockwave device is on, clients will feel a massaging sensation until the device is moved to other areas of the body. You will not need to use any sedatives or topical numbing creams with this treatment.

Most of the time, your treatment can be completed within about 30 minutes. If you are treating multiple large areas of the body, your appointment may take more time. Compared to other body contouring and skin tightening treatments, Z Wave is comfortable and easily tolerated.

Will You Need to Prepare for Treatment?

No, you will not need to prepare for this treatment. Unlike surgery, you will not need to discontinue any blood-thinning medications or make any lifestyle changes; and unlike laser treatments, you will not need to limit sun exposure to avoid pigmentation concerns. Because this treatment uses sound shockwaves, there are no steps you will need to take before your treatment to avoid side effects once your treatment is complete.

On the day of your appointment, simply arrive wearing loose, comfortable clothing on any area of the body that is being treated. Some clients may want to bring a book or similar activity to entertain themselves during the treatment. You may be advised to not wear lotion or perfume on the day of your treatment.

What is Recovery Like?

There is no recovery associated with this treatment. After your appointment, you can return to all of your normal daily activities, including work, exercise, and errands. Because of the shockwaves emitted by this treatment, your body may feel very relaxed after this treatment. You will be able to drive yourself home.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

Like other non-invasive body contouring and skin tightening treatments, this treatment produces the best results when it is performed in a series of appointments. To achieve your initial results, you may need two to three sessions to start seeing visible results. Many clients will require at least six to 10 treatments to achieve the desired results. You will also need to have maintenance appointments regularly to maintain your results.

When Will You See Results?

Most people will not see any visible results after a single treatment. Your appointments will be spaced a few weeks apart, and since it may take up to two or three sessions to produce visible results, you may not notice any significant improvement to your appearance for at least two to three months.

It’s important to be client with body contouring treatments. Although your results will be gradual, your results will also last a long time. This is because part of this treatment breaks down unwanted cellulite and stimulates the production of natural collagen. The collagen maturation process can take up to four weeks or longer based on your age. With patience and a treatment schedule, you can rejuvenate the appearance of your body.

How Long Will Results Last?

Your results will last for several months at a time. The longevity of the results for this treatment varies from client to client based on how well each client can maintain high collagen production.

New collagen will only last for a few months before it begins to break down. Although this treatment will smooth the appearance of collagen and tighten your skin, it will not halt the natural aging process. As time moves forward, the aging process will eventually catch up. The results of this treatment are not permanent.

Who Are Good Candidates?

Most people who want to reduce unwanted collagen, tighten loose skin, and improve their appearance are good candidates for this treatment. Ideally, candidates should be at a healthy weight since this treatment does not help with weight loss. You will not need to be concerned about any potential allergic reaction from this treatment. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may not be eligible for Z Wave treatments.

People who consider this treatment are generally interested in improving their appearance to increase their body confidence. It’s not unusual to seek this treatment after significant weight loss, after pregnancy, or in preparation for big life events, such as a wedding. This treatment helps you feel more confident about your appearance so you can make healthier lifestyle choices to maintain your results.

Should You Use This Treatment With Other Cosmetic Treatments?

This shockwave treatment is approved as a stand-alone cosmetic intervention and as a complementary therapy to other aesthetic treatments. By itself, this treatment can smooth the appearance of collagen and improve the overall appearance of your skin. As a follow-up treatment to other body contouring treatments, including cryolipolysis, the results of your body treatments can be enhanced with this shockwave therapy.

Cellulite FAQs

1. What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by the thickening or tightening of fibrous bands beneath the skin surface, which create tension on the upper dermis so that fat cells between the fibrous bands are visible. In other words, the connective tissues in the skin tighten at the same time the visible skin layer begins to thin, which then creates the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

2. Can Men Get Cellulite?

Yes, men can get cellulite, but the development of cellulite is much more common in women than in men. This is largely because of the pattern fibrous bands grow for each gender. Because men have fibrous bands that grow in a criss-cross formation, their skin has better structural support than a woman’s. Most people who have cellulite are women.

3. Does Cellulite Mean I’m Unhealthy?

Cellulite is known to occur more commonly during or after pregnancy, as well as with people who are heavier or have higher body fat percentages. But ultimately, no, having cellulite doesn’t mean that you’re unhealthy. Even slim people who lead active lifestyles can have cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, or underarms.

Cellulite itself is not an indicator of a medical problem. Because cellulite is common, particularly in women, it is not considered a health risk. The only reason to treat cellulite is for aesthetic purposes.

4. What Age Does Cellulite Form?

Although cellulite tends to be more common after the age of 30, which is when natural collagen production slows down, the fact of the matter is that cellulite can form at any age. Even young people in their 20s can develop cellulite. Of course, cellulite at a younger age is more common for people who have been overweight. But in general, cellulite can happen to anyone at any age.

5. Can You Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally?

Yes and no. There are some schools of thought that suggest toning exercises and weight loss can help get rid of cellulite naturally, but many people who follow these exercises are unable to smooth the appearance of cellulite with natural methods. In the past, people who have cellulite have simply learned to live with it. Today, you can effectively reduce and smooth the appearance of cellulite with cosmetic treatments.

6. Can Cellulite Come Back After Z Wave?

Although this shockwave treatment can correct the appearance of visible cellulite, it will not prevent cellulite from coming back in the future. Cellulite that has been treated with this device may be slower to return, but as long as the natural aging process continues, so will the formation of cellulite. Advanced treatments such as this one are designed to temporarily slow or halt this process so you can look younger longer.

The best way to enjoy longer-lasting results is to do your best to adopt lifestyle changes that will prevent new cellulite from forming. This means exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight. You may also want to attend regularly scheduled treatment appointments to enjoy your results for longer.

Improve Your Appearance With Z Wave

The appearance of cellulite on the body can be disheartening and frustrating to deal with, especially when it seems like all the toning exercises in the world won’t help you get rid of unwanted cellulite. Fortunately, a treatment like Z Wave can effectively smooth the appearance of cellulite and help you feel more confident about the way you look. Please contact Franklin Skin and Laser in Franklin, TN to schedule your initial consultation today.

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