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Understanding the Port Wine Stain

Port Wine Stain

Perhaps you have already heard of a port wine stain because you have one on your skin. It’s a darker shade of red and might be on an area of your body that is quite prominent, such as the forehead. There’s no reason to worry about this type of birthmark in most situations. It can appear in a variety of sizes and shapes and can usually be treated if you decide to take this route.

Most of the time, this birthmark that almost looks like someone opened a bottle of wine and poured it over your skin appears on the face or arms. This birthmark can also commonly appear on the legs. Although a port wine stain usually won’t impact your health, it can sometimes impact your self-esteem. Sometimes, the mark doesn’t fade in time and can become more prominent in certain situations, such as when you get angry or upset. When other people see this mark on your skin, they might say something about it, especially if they don’t understand what it is.

The port wine stain is one that is usually the result of abnormalities with the vascular system of the skin. There’s usually nothing that you did to cause the stain to appear. It’s just something that happens, similar to other types of birthmarks that appear. The blood vessels in your skin don’t turn off like they are supposed to and continue to get larger, resulting in the red appearance of the mark. This is also why some stains can be very large while others are small and hardly noticeable over time.

A port wine stain often begins with a mutation in the genes, one in particular. There are very few people who have port wine stains that impact vital areas of the body, such as the brain or the eyes. You might notice that the mark will get darker as you get older and that the skin in the area impacted will begin to get thicker as well. Pulsed dye laser treatments are an option if you want to have the mark removed or faded.

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