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Tattoo Removal: How Long Does it Take?

Tattoo Removal: How Long Does it Take?

If you have a tattoo that you no longer feel attached to, you may be looking for ways to remove it. While laser tattoo removal has been around for many years, our technology at Franklin Skin and Laser makes it even more effective. We want you to achieve the best results while having as comfortable a treatment as possible.

With our advanced laser tattoo removal technology, we are able to target many different shades of ink and we can treat both newer and older tattoos while also protecting the surrounding skin. While it can take several sessions for the tattoo to be removed, laser tattoo removal can be a very effective method.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal devices use a concentrated beam of light that is set to one specific wavelength to help target the ink in the tattoo. Depending on the colors that you have in your body art, we can customize the treatment for maximum effectiveness.

When the beam of light comes into contact with the tattoo, the energy is strong enough to break up the ink into tiny ink particles which are then flushed out by the body. We use Pico laser technology which is not only more effective at shattering ink particles, but is also gentler on the surrounding skin to reduce the risk of injury to the skin.

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take?

When it comes to tattoo removal, many people are hopeful for treatments that will remove the tattoo in as few sessions as possible. With our Pico laser technology, tattoos can be removed faster and more effectively. However, the amount of time that it can take to completely remove your tattoo can depend on the following factors:

The Color of the Ink

Certain types of ink are more difficult to remove than other. Black and other dark colors such as brown, dark blue, or dark green can be easier to remove. Tattoos that are red, orange, yellow, or pastel can take more sessions to remove. Our lasers have several adjustable settings to treat different pigments.

How Old the Tattoo Is

If you have a tattoo that has been on your skin for many years, it is likely that it will be able to be treated with fewer sessions. Very new tattoos can be difficult to remove, but after 6 to 8 weeks, the process can become easier. However, you can still expect to need more sessions for newer tattoos.

The Location of the Tattoo

The location of your tattoo will affect how many treatment sessions you will need and how long it will take for the tattoo to fade completely. If the tattoo is in an area with good blood flow or is in an area that can withstand a more aggressive treatment, the tattoo is likely to fade with fewer sessions. If the tattoo is in a delicate area or an area with less circulation, it may take more.

Size of the Tattoo

Small tattoos can often be easily and quickly removed. However, body art that covers a larger area of your body will require more sessions and the appointment itself will last much longer.

How Long Are Tattoo Removal Appointments?

The length of time that you spend in our office will depend on the size of your tattoo. However, laser tattoo removal is still a very fast process. For the average tattoo, the actual removal process may be anywhere from 5-20 minutes. During your consultation, we will discuss with you how long we expect the appointment to take so that you can be prepared for the process.

More FAQs About Laser Tattoo Removal

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

One of the first questions patients often ask is whether laser tattoo removal is painful. The answer to this question differs from person to person as everyone experiences the treatment differently. However, many people describe the treatment as feeling like a rubber band being repeatedly snapped onto the skin. We have different ways that we can help the treatment to be more comfortable.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Using our advanced technology we are able to treat a wider variety of patients. The Pico laser can treat patients of all different skin types. However, as with other treatment, laser tattoo removal may not be for everyone. It is always best to have a consultation with your doctor to discuss whether this treatment is right for you.

Can You Get a Replacement Tattoo After Removal?

It is always important to let your skin completely heal from laser tattoo removal before getting a new tattoo on the same area. We will likely recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after your last laser tattoo removal session.

Will Tattoo Removal Leave Scars?

The device that we use minimizes potential scarring to the skin. For anyone who is concerned about scarring, the most important step is to seek body art removal from licensed physicians who are using the best technology and best practices.

Our Tattoo Removal Services

If you are ready to move on from your tattoos, we can help with our laser tattoo removal in Franklin, TN. At Franklin Skin and Laser, we do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment. To learn more about laser removal for tattoos, you can contact us by calling (615) 595-8177, or you can request more information through our online form. You can also visit our online gallery of tattoo laser removal before and after photos from previous patients.

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