Removing Moles and Skin Tags – Cool Springs Skin Care

Moles have a negative connotation typically, unless they are delicately placed on a beautiful woman- in which case we call them “beauty marks”- and this negative connotation isn’t without medical regard. Moles can be cancerous and need to be constantly monitored to make sure it hasn’t changed size or shape. If you notice any changes to your moles, you should be checked by your Physician or Dermatologist to make sure it isn’t becoming malignant.

Whether you are concerned about the health of your skin or just looking for an aesthetic fix, moles and skin tags alike can be removed through freezing, burning or excising. Dr. Bengelsdorf has helped many Cool Springs area clients achieve the smooth, scar-free, radiant skin they desire. If you have moles or skin tags that you are concerned about and would like to learn more about your options or schedule a consultation, simply follow the link to our Contact Page.