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Cool Springs Port Wine Stain and Birthmark Reduction

Port Wine Stains, the congenital malformation of the veins and capillaries of the skin, affects approximately 0.5% of the population. These birthmarks occur most commonly on the face and neck and are typically of significant size. Many with these marks feel a significant psychological impact and self-consciousness. Dr. Bengelsdorf, one of the premier laser specialists in the Cool Springs Area, has helped many clients reduce or eliminate their birthmarks through a laser treatment.

The first step in finding out if you are a good candidate for Port Wine Stain and Birthmark Reduction is through a consultation with Dr. Bengelsdorf. During this consultation, he will asses the birthmark to confirm the diagnosis of a Port Wine Stain, and to eliminate any other medical problems. Setup a consultation today to speak with Dr. Bengelsdorf about your options!

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