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Determining the Best Option for Restoring Facial Volume

Determining the Best Option for Restoring Facial Volume  Franklin

When it comes to restoring lost facial volume, there is more than one option that can provide excellent aesthetic results. Dermal fillers are a popular option that can provide beautiful and natural-looking results. However, there are some cases where fat grafting may be a better choice.

Fat grafting is an option that uses fat harvested from your own body to restore lost facial volume. The fat is purified and processed into an injectable form. Fat grafting is an excellent option for restoring larger amount of volume and for restoring lost volume in the mid-face. It can also enhance the lips.

Contact Franklin Skin and Laser to schedule a consultation for facial volume restoration treatment. During your consultation with surgeon Dr. Steven Bengelsdorf, he will inform you of the benefits of dermal fillers and fat grafting and the two of you will discuss which option will yield the best results.

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