Botox – Let Your Face Express Itself

Our faces are one of the best tools we have for expressing our emotions. Laughing, frowning, and smiling are all physical representations of how we feel. When the muscles that control these expressions begin to contract from repeated use, it can cause lines to form on the face. These lines can make you look older and weathered.

Botox targets those contracting muscles and temporarily paralyzes them. This lets the muscles relax, which in turn smoothes out the skin and gives you a more youthful and lively look. Botox injections give you the chance to fully express the way you feel without having to worry about the effects it may have on your looks.

Dr. Steven Bengelsdorf is a highly skilled surgeon who has performed countless Botox injections with amazing results. He has dedicated his practice to providing personalized care to all his clients. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your Botox treatment.