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Are You Avoiding Swimsuits Because of Your Spider Veins?

spider vein treatment

Now that swimsuit season is here, you are going to be showing a lot more skin. You may have glowing skin that is smooth and hair-free, but if you have unsightly spider veins or varicose veins, you won’t feel comfortable showing off any skin.

At Franklin Skin and Laser Center, we offer laser vein therapy to help eliminate the presence of spider veins and varicose veins. This non-surgical procedure uses thermal energy to break apart the targeted veins. The destroyed veins are then naturally absorbed by the body.

After your laser vein therapy, you will feel confident enough to wear any swimsuit you want, even that tiny bikini. Surgeon Dr. Steven Bengelsdorf has been extensively trained in laser-based treatments and will make sure that your session is comfortable and produces excellent results. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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