Our Office

Photo of office

We take your safety and health very seriously. Our newly renovated 5,000 sq ft facility features two no touch custom glass doors that lead clients into one of the twelve state-of-the-art treatment rooms, each equipped with brand new, sterile medical cabinetry and procedure chairs.

Our elegant lobby features clean, contemporary interior selections ranging from coffered 14-foot ceilings, large crystal chandeliers, and an impressive 25-foot mosaic tiled wall with custom behind the scenes displays of treatments.

The office is equipped with sophisticated air filtration systems and ultraviolet lights to decrease the transmission of airborne pathogens. Our providers wear personal protective equipment, and constantly engage in high-level disinfection of all surfaces and equipment.

Please note that being a medical facility, we take infection control very seriously and will continue to utilize our pre-COVID-19 systems and infrastructure, which includes…

  • Disinfecting surfaces continuously
  • Use of handwashing with antibacterial soap
  • Use of disposable gloves
  • Continuous HEPA filtration, Ultraviolet and LED disinfection of our indoor air
  • Complete Treatment room air exchanges over 10x per hour
  • Ultrafiltration of our water supply